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    Hydro Frac (Hydraulic Fracturing) is a process by which water is injected under extreme pressure into the well to improve it's production capabilities. First developed in the oil fields, the process was primarily designed to increase oil production. The process has been modified to accommodate the domestic water well need. The process begins by inserting an inflatable "packer" which is similar to a giant balloon, down into the well. At the point, the water is forced in under extreme pressure (2500 PSI). into the cavity of the well, cleaning out the fractures and allowing the water in the perimeter to flow freely into the well. The success rate using this technique is very high, often transforming a nearly dry well into a usable one.


       There are two ways to perform the Hydro-FracŪ process. The single packer set and the straddle or "Zone" setup. Below is a brief description of both.

      The single packer set is the most common method used. It is designed to be used in circumstances where a minimal improvement is needed. After a well has been drilled silt and deposits may start to build up in the water producing fractures causing a decrease in overall well yield.


      A packer is lowered down the well to pre-determined depth (Usually 20' below the casing or a minimum of 60' whichever is deeper), and water is injected into the well at  high rate of volume and pressure. This will remove the obstruction and open up the water producing fractures.

    Now that the obstructions have been forced out of the water producing fractures, more water is able to flow into the well increasing the overall yield of the well.



Straddle Packer Setup


    When maximum yield is needed, "Zone" or straddle fracking is utilized. Two packers are lowered down the well isolateing a specific "zone" to be Hydro-Fracked.

     Once that zone has been freed of its obstructions, the process is repeated at even intervals until the entire well has been Hydro-Fracked..


       By concentrating the injection to where it is most needed, zone-fracturing insures optimum yield

Hydro-FracŪ is a registered trademark of Kyle Equipment Co., Inc.